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Max plunder... DVP... Open FCC or PPA? If none of these terms ring a bell to you then you've come to the right place! Check out this guide to graduate from n00b to upperclassman.

PIMD 101

This wiki is the go-to for all of the "must-know" info about the game. At first, Party In My Dorm can seem like just another mobile app created to encourage arthritis from tapping away... but in reality there is a vast load of strategy required to be the best. And if ya ain't the best then who are you? It can be a tough world out there, with barcodes and farmers and all of the thirsties on WC. But if you stick with us, we'll get you through it. Here, you will find some basic terms to know for while you're lurking in chats, and strategies to help you grow effectively without having to wait on 2x Cat Cafe Payout Promos.

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